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image of bulldog aluminium cutout

Masters in Waterjet Cutting

The possibilities of waterjet cutting are virtually limitless. Where other cutting methods are limited to the designs they can produce Waterjet Cutting can produce shapes with amazing curves and fantastic finishes.

image of bulldog aluminium cutout

Any and all designs

We work on a massive range of projects, from custom balustrade, flooring, gates and artworks.

image of bulldog aluminium cutout

Everything cut to quality

All of our projects are managed by professionals using up to date CAD software to deliver the best possible finish on all our products.

Welcome to Kent's Premier Waterjet Cutting Company. Metal Cutting & Tile Cutting Specialists.

We are a team of waterjet cutting specialist who can profile any material. We can provide a metal cutting service to commercial, industrial and domestic customers as required.

We have two twin head water cutting machines both with a 3m by 2m bed size and can cut any material from 1mm to 150mm thick. Our state-of-the-art technology is combined with a friendly customer service offering a quick turnaround, no matter what size of order or which type of customer.

Our Services
We offer a huge variety of services to our clients, we cut everything from stone to aluminium. Please enquire for more information.

What we offer

We provide a one-stop-shop for all your engineering needs. In addition to our metal cutting services we offer the following:

  • Abrasive waterjet cutting of any material to any shape
  • Any material cut - metals, plastics, tiles, ceramics, glass, granite and brick
  • Advanced metal cutting expertise
  • Advanced tile cutting expertise
  • Drawing service provided - ai, DWG, DXF and Corel Draw files accepted
  • Laser cutting services
image of bulldog aluminium cutout
Different Materials
image of bulldog aluminium cutout
Precision Cutting
image of bulldog aluminium cutout
Unlimited Possibilites
image of bulldog aluminium cutout
Any Design

Considering Laser cutting, Plasma Cutting, or conventional machining? Stop to consider waterjet cutting! Waterjet cutting technology is the fastest growing major machine tool process in the world currently. The flexible process either replaces or compliments other technologies such as milling, laser, EDM, plasma and routers. No noxious gases or liquids are used in waterjet cutting, and waterjets do not create hazardous materials or vapours. No heat effected zones or mechanical stresses are left on a waterjet cut surface. It is a truly versatile, productive, cold cutting process.